Dolcorsllwyn Hall Association

Registered Charity No. 1125847

Accounts of the Hall by some of our recent visitors:

Previous Visitors Mr. Graham Moore
Ridgewell Rangers Girls & Boys Football Teams,
Pensby, Wirral

"Like so many people, Dolly Hall has played a big role in my life. I first went in 1986 and have been going ever since. I was lucky enough to live and work there as the warden for 4 months too. Nowadays I visit the Hall with young people from the two football teams that I run. Ridgewood Rangers Girls & Boys football teams from Pensby on the Wirral have enjoyed a visit to Dolly Hall for the past three years. Many of these youngsters would not normally get to do anything like this. Time at the Hall provides a wonderful opportunity for the young people to bond in very authentic ways, making them stronger as people and as footballers. I've also been lucky enough to see my own kids grow up at the Hall too which was always a dream of mine. Visits to The Old Hall seem to be getting better and better the older I get."

Mr. Michael Bennett,
Head of Theology
Savio Salesian College,
Bootle, Liverpool

"Dolly Hall holds a special place in my affections, since my first visit in May of 1986 as a pupil at Brookfield Community School I have been a frequent visitor. In my fourteen years as a teacher I have taken over twenty five groups of youngsters to experience the magic of the 'Hall'. Many of the children who I have had the joy to take to Dolly Hall come from areas of significant social and economic deprivation and, for many, a holiday in Dolly Hall would be the only holiday that they will experience in their adolescent years.

Dolly Hall provides youngsters with the opportunity to live for a time in a unique community set free from the distractions of inner city life. Of the 300 plus pupils who I have taken away the one abiding memory is of the time spent with their friends in the freedom and tranquillity of the Dovey Valley 'making their own fun' - climbing trees, playing football, hide and seek and manhunt. You will not find a Play Station, XBOX 360 or a Nintendo Wii at Dolly Hall, yet you will experience the 'Spirit of Youth' and 'Laughter'. As an adult Dolly Hall reminds me of what is like to be 'Childlike', a quality which is often missing in the lives of many adults.

I am organising yet another group of 25 young people from Bootle to go on their first Dolly Hall Adventure - and as I write I am confident that the Hall will not fail to deliver its magic and transform their lives for the better.

Long Live Dolly Hall!"

working in the garden
Mr. Bob Downing,
DHA Charity Secretary

"Since I started teaching at Brookfield School, Kirkby in 1967 I must have taken around 200 groups (5,000 young people) to Dolly Hall. I have wonderful memories of the times spent walking, climbing, kayaking, camping, swimming, playing football, quad biking and so many other activities but none more treasured than simply spending quality time with the youngsters in and around Dolly Hall. I retired from teaching in 2007 and this has given me more time to take groups to the Hall on Work Experience which has been of great benefit not only to the Hall but also to the young people themselves. I have also taken groups of young people in their late teens who have not had an easy life and who are not in education, employment or training, some at risk of offending and some who have offended. During such visits we have undertaken many jobs, including concreting, gardening, painting, tiling, joinery, tree surgery and jet washing. During one visit we spread 32 tons of gravel onto the drive in 2 days. Oh yes, we also spilled a full 10 litre tin of white masonry paint which I had to clean up!

Their experience at Dolly Hall has a lasting effect on these young people because they feel a sense of self worth and responsibility which perhaps is new to them and they are proud of what they achieve. One said to me: "it's been the best week of my life" and is now working with a provider delivering life skills courses in schools.

During the past 5 decades Dolly Hall has been such an indelible and influential part of the young lives of thousands and thousands of children and young people. Our mission is that it will still be there for their grandchildren and great grandchildren for generations to come. I know it will."

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